👯Dance Fun👯

👯5 Things Every Dancer Understands👯

Hello everyone👯! There are a lot of things us dancers can relate to and I thought I’d write a post about it! Comment down below if you can also relate or if you have another point to add!👯 1:- Feeling nervous before a performance but as soon as you’re on stage, the feeling instantly goes… Continue reading 👯5 Things Every Dancer Understands👯

💪🏼Dance Workouts👯

👯Pre-dancing Stretches💪🏼

Hello everyone! I recently made a post on the workout I do before dance rehearsals which is also a workout anyone can do also, that workout was the preparation for the pre-dancing stretches that I do! These stretches can also be helpful before you go for a fun or jog!  (Picture resource- Pinterest) 1: The… Continue reading 👯Pre-dancing Stretches💪🏼

💪🏼Dance Workouts👯

🏃‍♀️Workout Before Dance Training👯 (workout in general also)

Hello everyone! I thought I’d share with you today the workout I do before my dance rehearsals start!👯 It’s a great way to prepare for your pre-dancing stretches and to warm you up! Of course you can do this workout whenever you want and not only for dance! I personally keep my dance workouts separate… Continue reading 🏃‍♀️Workout Before Dance Training👯 (workout in general also)


👯Dance and Workout clothes haul💪🏼

Hello everyone🤗 With all the Christmas sales going on, I couldn’t help but go to one of my favourite cities and do some shopping! And like any dancer, dance clothing is essential! I wear these clothes for my workouts too of course!💪🏼 I bought these comfy ankle socks at Penneys as I like the different… Continue reading 👯Dance and Workout clothes haul💪🏼