👯Dance and Workout clothes haul💪🏼

Hello everyone🤗
With all the Christmas sales going on, I couldn’t help but go to one of my favourite cities and do some shopping! And like any dancer, dance clothing is essential! I wear these clothes for my workouts too of course!💪🏼

I bought these comfy ankle socks at Penneys as I like the different colours and they are great for running/dancing & workouts!

These are my favourite leggings to wear to dance training aswell as my workouts💪🏼👯 They are super comfy and easy to move in and I love the way they are high waisted also!

These leggings are high waisted also and are ankle-length unlike the pair above🤗 I really love the purple band and it goes well with this next item of clothing I got!

This top is great for workouts and I like wearing it under a loose top for dance👯 It’s nicely fitted but definitely not uncomfortable! I love the colours also!

I have been looking for pants like these everywhere since I only ever had one other pair but it was getting a bit old😣 I love the way there are two pockets WITH ZIPS!?! I’m sure most of us girls understand how difficult it is to get clothes that have pockets (apart from jeans)! These tracksuit bottoms are super comfy and loose around the hips and legs! I didn’t find a pair in my size but I bought it anyways..The upper part is a bit too big for me so I just tie it tightly with the ‘rope’ (is that what you call it?!) I prefer to wear these for when I dance hiphop or if I have a shorter dance training class instead of workouts!

These workout shorts are my favourite for when I do stretches to help me with my flexibility for dance 💃 , and to warm up before exercising! These are also high waisted (which is my favourite😍). They are tightly fitted but still comfortable to move in!

I also got two body warmers which I like to wear under hoodies for any sports that I play throughout the week and for dance training! Although they are also tightly fitted and of course, warm, they are super comfy and easy to move in.

I always use this sports bag I got at Lifestyle Sports and these running shoes I got back at home (🇫🇷) at Chaussea!

I hope you enjoyed this little haul! And I hope to be posting more soon about dance and fitness!👯


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