💪🏼Dance Workouts👯

👯Pre-dancing Stretches💪🏼

Hello everyone!

I recently made a post on the workout I do before dance rehearsals which is also a workout anyone can do also, that workout was the preparation for the pre-dancing stretches that I do! These stretches can also be helpful before you go for a fun or jog! 

(Picture resource- Pinterest)

1: The hamstring stretch is the first stretch I like to do. I take turns in stretching each leg. I stretch each leg for 15seconds. 5 sets.

2: Then I do this stretch on each leg, 10seconds, 4 sets

3: I switch leg every time I lunge. I do this 15times

(Picture from barrymethod

4: This is personally my favourite stretch to do! If you’re going to do any stretches, this is the one to do! It’s great for your back and your legs! Remember to switch legs each time! Do this 4times (twice for each leg, hold for one minute)

5: This is also a great stretch for you to do. Lean your hand against a wall while you use your other arm to pull your leg out and stretch. Switch legs and hold for one minute each.

(Picture from barrymethod)

These stretches will help your flexibility when doing arabesques, grand jeté’s etc!

Good luck with your stretches and HAVE FUN DANCING!👯🤗




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